Our powerful microsimulation engine emulates the dynamics of large complex systems at micro-level, employing novel mathematical solutions and modern numerical techniques. This most effective and precise currently available modelling method can be applied across all science and industry, e.g. to planning health interventions in countries, designing financial strategies, forecasting election results or world simulations in video games.

Demographic changes in the UK after Brexit

State pension reform in the UK

Life cycle of botnet (in collaboration with CERT)


Analytical forecasting and assessment methods are commonly used in planning and decision making. They enable a better understanding of phenomena or enterprises, associated opportunities, risks and uncertainty, and hence allow to adopt a proactive and strategic approach. Building on our science and industry experience, Averisera provides quality analytical prediction services to the broad market, from standard tools and analyses to frontier research.

Cross-sectional Markov model & Forecasting Tool

Machine learning

Machine learning is a set of methods for data analysis that automate statistical model building. Its algorithms "learn" from data enabling the computer discover its complex structure and associations. The popularity of ML in various applications grows, despite its liability to overfitting and misinterpretations if used without sufficient caution and background.

Forecasting mortality trends using deep learning