Averisera Forecasting Tool

Multinomial logistic regression + Averisera Cross-sectional Markov model for Microsoft® Excel®

We have developed an Excel add-in providing advanced forecasting tools for analysis of repeated cross-sectional categorical data. It incorporates two state-of-the-art methods: the commonly used Multinomial Logistic Regression and the in-house developed Cross-sectional Markov Model. Both are implemented with either analytical or bootstrapped confidence intervals for forecast results.

Using the provided example spreadsheets and detailed manual, you can easily integrate the add-in in your Excel data analysis workflow.


Add-in screen shot

Purchase and installation

  1. Purchase the licence key in the neighbouring PayPal form. The key will be sent to the provided email address.
    The licence is valid for both 32 and 64 bit versions for a single PC and is not transferable; it is non-expiring and covers minor version updates. See the full licence for more details.
  2. Averisera Forecasting Tool

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    Price: £15 per licence

    Compatibility: Excel 2007 and above (32 and 64 bit)

    Latest version: 1.0

  3. Download the ForecastingTool.zip archive.
  4. Follow the installation instructions in the manual.


After the installation, the add-in will provide new functions you can use in your Excel spreadsheets. To help you get started, the installation package includes a manual and an example spreadsheet.


You can read the add-in licence here


In case of any problems with the purchase, installation or using the add-in, please contact info@averisera.uk.

We also welcome enquiries about developing custom extensions to the Forecasting Tool.


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